Lady Deborah Obodoukwu was born in September of 1964 in Imo State. She was destined to become a powerful force within the legal community.

Lady Debbie began her schooling in Lagos and continued on to the prestigious Nigeria Law School in 1986. She attended Ahmadu Bello University and the University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka. During this time she earned her B.L., L.L.B., Diploma-in-Law and Masters in Diplomacy (MILD). Throughout her educational career she proved to be a strong, quick learning student who was sure to achieve great success.

In 1987 Deborah began work in the field of research & litigation during her N.Y.S.C., Federal Ministry of Justice, Civil Litigation and Public Law Division, Marina, Lagos. After she moved on to Dickson D.I. Osuala & Co., where she continued to her duties and expanded her knowledge and skills. By 1998 she was ready to move out on her own and started Lady Debbie N. Obodoukwu-Iregbu & Co, which specializes in Criminal, Civil and Corporate Law. She maintains this respectable position today.

While following a busy schedule with work and school, Lady Debbie also found the time to be involved in a large number of professional activities. She has been an active member of the Nigeria Bar Association, International Bar Association, Nigerian Institute of International Affairs and many other groups. She was also Secretary of the FIDA Seminar Planning Committee; Coordinator for the African Regional Conference and Secretary of the Nigeria Bar Association Electoral Working Group.

In addition to this impressive career, Lady Debbie has attended numerous professional seminars and conferences over the years. She was recognized for an award by the Ladies of the Fellowship, and in her free team she enjoys reading, travel and charity work. Her work with the FJSC and other important organisations is worthy of celebration and not to be forgotten.