Federal High Court of Nigeria

Federal High Court of Nigeria

The Federal Revenue Court (as Federal High Court was then called) was established by the Federal Revenue Act 1973 (1973 No.13). The Court was renamed the Federal High Court by section 230 (2)
of the Constitution of the Federal Rebuplic of Nigeria 1979.

Although the need was noted during the Constitutional Conference leading to Independence, to establish a High Court for the determination of causes and matters within the Federal Exclusive Legislative Competence, as is customary in countries with the Federal System of Government, no step was taken in that regard until the enactment of the Federal Revenue Court Decree 1973.

The Court thus became the only court then in Nigeria, not of colonial creation.

The Court started with the President (as the Head of the Court was then called) and four Judges.

The Federal High Court has recorded impressive growth since its inception in 1973.

From the pioneering Five Judges, the Court now has Fifty-one Judges.

The Court has also grown structurally.

It is the tradition of the Court to determine all issues in controversy before the Court expeditiously and thoroughly, as the commercial and financial matters within the jurisdiction of the Court inherently demand.